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User Agreement

For all service provided by Assets Digital Coupons Exchange (hereinafter referred to as “ADCXE, We, Us”), Yatai Digital Assets Coupons Transaction Holding Group Co., Ltd. Enjoys the ownership and reserves the right of interpretation. This user agreement (hereinafter referred to as “the Agreement”) defines the rights and obligations of users and ADCEX.

ADCEX respects and protects all users’ personal privacy. To provide you with more accurate and personalized service, we will protect your personal information based on the regulations of this privacy policy and deal with such information with due diligence and cautious attitudes. Unless otherwise specified by this privacy policy, ADCEX will not disclose such information to the public or any third party without your prior consent. This privacy policy may be renewed from time to time. Your agreement to our service agreement constitutes your agreement to all contents of this privacy policy, which is an integral part of the service agreement. .

We reserve the right to modify articles of the Agreement, and the new agreement after modification will come into effect once released and replace the original agreement. You can access our most current version of the Agreement at any time.


I. Agreement Content and Signature

1. This agreement includes the agreement text and all rules issued or to be issued by ADCEX in the future and all rules constitute an integral part of this agreement and have same legal effect with the agreement text. Except as otherwise expressly stated, all services provided by ADCEX and its associated companies (hereinafter referred to as  “the Service”) shall be bound by this agreement.

2. Please read all articles of this agreement carefully before using the Service. Should you have any questions about this agreement, you should consult ADCEX. However, regardless of the fact that whether you have read the agreement carefully or not before using our service, this agreement shall be binding upon you once you use our service and at no time shall you claim this agreement is invalid or require to terminate this agreement for the reason that you fail to read the agreement or haven’t got answers to your questions from us

3. You undertake to accept and abide by this agreement. If you do not agree to any of these terms and conditions herein, please stop the registration/activation procedure or stop use the Service.

4. We reserve the right, without notice to you, to formulate and modify this agreement and various rules from time to time based on needs and make announcement by publicity on the website. This agreement and rules after change will come into effect automatically once released on the website. If you don’t agree with relevant changes, please stop use the Service. Continued access of the Service will constitute your acceptance of any changes or revisions to the Agreement and rules.

II. Registration and Account

1. Eligibility 

You confirm that you are a natural person, legal person or other organizations who have full capacity for civil rights and conducts and are aged between 18 to 70 upon signing up for or using the Service in other ways permitted by us. If you are not eligible for our service, you and your guardian shall bear any consequences thereof and we are entitled to cancel or freeze your account permanently and file a claim to you and your guardian.

2. Registration and account

After you fill in information according to the prompt of registration page, read and agree with this agreement and complete all registration procedures, or you have filled in the information, read and agreed with this agreement and completed all activation procedures according to the prompt of the activation page, or when you use the Service actually by other ways permitted by us, you shall be bound by this agreement. You are allowed to log in and enter ADCEX via the email, phone number provided or confirmed by you or otherwise as permitted by ADCEX. You shall provide accurate information as stipulated by laws and regulations, such as your real name, ID certificate type and ID certificate number. In case of any false information, you shall be responsible for any direct or indirect losses and adverse consequence caused as a result thereof and ADCEX will not be liable for such losses and consequences.

You can set a nickname for your account and log in the exchange platform through the nickname and login password, of which the nickname shall not violate or be suspected of violating others’ lawful rights and interests. Otherwise, we are entitled to terminate the service to you and cancel your account nickname, which will be open to any user for registration after cancellation. In no way shall you transfer, grant or inherit your login name, nickname and password unless otherwise specified by laws or judicial decisions or when conditions for transaction published are met and the transfer, granting or inheritance is handled by submitting qualified documents and materials required by ADCEX according to the operation procedure formulated by ADCEX.

3. User information  

Upon completion of registration or activation procedure, you are required to accurately provide and update your information in a timely manner as stipulated by laws and regulations and according to corresponding page prompt to ensure the authenticity, timeliness, integrity and accuracy of information. If we have reasonable reasons to suspect that such information are wrong, incorrect, out of date or incomplete, we have the right to send a notification of inquiry or request correction and directly delete corresponding data until the Service is suspended or terminated in part or in whole to you. All direct or indirect losses and adverse consequences caused thereof shall be borne by yourself and we shall assume no responsibility for this.

You are obligated to fill in your contact information (such as email address, phone number, address and postal code) accurately, and update them in a timely manner so that we or other users can contact you effectively, and you shall undertake all losses or additional fees incurred during your use of our service when we can’t get in touch with you via such contact information said above. You understand and agree that it’s your responsibility to ensure the validity of your contact information and change or update your information according to our requirements if necessary.

For withdrawing the legal currency of your country at our platform, you are required to provide the bank card number that is consistent with the name filled in during registration. Withdrawing deposits to other person’s bank card or a third party payment account is not allowed.

4. Account security

You are solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your nickname and password and liable for all activities that occur under your login name, nickname and password (including without limitation information disclosure, posting message, online clicking to agree or submitting various rules and agreements, online renewal of agreement or purchasing service).

You agree :

(1) to immediately notify ADCEX of any unauthorized use of your nickname and password or any other breach of confidentiality provision;

(2) to ensure that you strictly abide by all mechanisms or procedures of safety, authentication, transaction, top up and withdrawal related to our service;

(3) to ensure that you exit our website/service in correct steps at the end of each online activity. We cannot and will not be liable for any losses arising from your failure to comply with this provisions. You acknowledge that we need reasonable time to take measures to answer your request and we will assume no responsibility for any consequence(including but not limited to any of your losses, ) already existed before we take measures.

III. Service

1. Based on the Service and other services offered by ADCEX and its associated companies, all members can post transaction information, access information of digital coupons and transaction, reach to the intention to make a deal and carry out a transaction, participate in all activities organized by ADCEX and use other information services and technical services.

2. In the event of any disputes between you and other members arising out of transaction on ADCEX and when either party or both you and the other member submit the disputes to ADCEX for mediation, ADCEX is entitled to make a mediation decision based on unilateral judgments. You understand and agree to accept our judgment and mediation decision.

3. You understand and agree that we have the right to provide necessary information including user information provided by you to us and the transaction history as required by government departments (including judicial department and administrative department ). If you are suspected of violating others’ lawful rights and interests, such as intellectual rights, we are entitled to provide the obligee with your necessary identify information according to our preliminary judgment that there exists alleged infringement.

4. You are responsible for payment of all payable taxes and fees of hardware, software, service and others incurred while using the Service.

IV. Specification for Using the Service

1. You undertake to comply with following agreements during use of the Service: You must comply with regulations and requirements of national laws, regulations and other normative documents as well as all rules of ADCEX, and will not make use of our service in any manner that may violate social public interests or public morality or infringe others’ lawful rights and interests. You shall not evade any payable taxes or breach this agreement or its related regulations. If you violate aforementioned commitments, you shall be solely responsible for all legal consequences caused thereof and indemnify ADCEX from any losses.

You shall carry out transaction with other members on the basis of the principle of honesty and credibility and not take any acts that belong to unfair competition action, may disturb normal order for online transaction or have nothing to do with online transaction. Besides, you shall not reproduce, spread or otherwise apply any data and information displayed on the website of ADCEX for business purpose without the prior written consent of ADCEX. In no way shall you use any device, software or routine procedures to interfere or attempt to interfere the normal operation of ADCEX or any transactions or activities carried out on ADCEX or take any measures that may apply unreasonable large data load to action of the network equipment of ADCEX.

2. You understand and agree: ADCEX is entitled to judge if you have violated

3. the aforementioned commitments unilaterally and deal with or terminate service to you according to applicable regulation of judgment results without your consent or prior notice to you. In order to maintain the transaction order of ADCEX and transaction security, we reserve the right to close corresponding transaction orders and take other measures against conditions that may disturb the normal market transaction order, such as malicious sales or purchase. If your illegal act or infringement is confirmed by effective legal documents of state administrative organs or judicial departments or ADCEX considers that you are suspected of breach of this agreement or rules or violating laws and regulations, ADCEX reserves the right to announce your alleged illegal behavior or breaches of the agreement and measures taken by ADCEX against on the platform. Besides, in terms of the information that you publish and are suspected noncompliance with laws or this agreement and/or rules or suspected of infringement of others’ lawful rights, ADCEX is entitled to delete such information without notice to you and impose a penalty on you according to the rules.

delete the information without notice to you and impose a penalty according to the rules.

With regards to your actions taken on ADCEX, including actions that you haven’t been taken but already affect ADCEX and users, ADCEX have the right to judge the nature of your actions and whether they constitute breach of this agreement and/or rules at its’ sole discretion and then give a punishment correspondingly. You are liable for keeping all evidence related to your action on your own and for all adverse consequences arising from your failure to provide sufficient and necessary evidence. In case your alleged breach of commitments causes any loss to any third party, you shall be solely responsible for all legal responsibilities, and indemnify ADCEX from any losses or additional fees. If ADCEX has any losses or is subject to any claims from any third party or penalty of any administrative department due to your actions that are suspected of violating relevant laws or this agreement, you are obligated to compensate ADCEX for all losses and fees incurred thereof, including attorneys fees.

V. Scope & Limitation of Liabilities

1. The Service is provided on an “as is ” and “as available” basis. We make no warranty of any kind, express or implied, against our service, including without limitation, applicability of the Service, no error or careless omission, continuity, accuracy, reliability and application to a particular purpose, and we make no warranty or guarantee regarding the validity, correctness, accuracy, reliability, quality, stability, integrity and timeliness of technology and information related to the Service.

2. You understand that the information on ADCEX are released by users themselves and may lead to risks and be improper.

3. ADCEX only plays the role of trading place where you can obtain digital coupons information, look for trading counterparty, hold consultation regarding to digital coupons transaction and carry on transactions, but cannot control the quality, security or legality of all digital currency involved in the transaction and the accuracy or authenticity of transaction information as well as ability of all parties to the transaction to perform their obligations stipulated in the transaction agreement. You shall judge and confirm the authenticity, legality and validity of relevant digital currency and/or information with discretion at your own risks, and bear the responsibility and losses incurred on your own. Unless otherwise expressly stipulated by laws and regulations or in case of following conditions, ADCEX has no obligation to review the information and data of all users, digital currency information, transaction behavior and other matters related to the transaction in advance: ADCEX has reasons to believe that a specific member and specific transaction violates laws or the agreement; or believe that users’ behaviors are suspected noncompliance with laws or are inappropriate.

4. With regards to any disputes arising between you and other members, based on your irrevocable authorization, ADCEX or any third party authorized by ADCEX or agreed by you and ADCEX unanimously is entitled to accept such disputes, judge relevant facts and rules to be applied at its own discretion and then come to a decision, including but not limited to regulating the transaction status of relevant orders, ordering the third party payment company or customer service to pay the amount in dispute to one party or both party in whole or in part. This decision shall be binding upon you. If you fail to execute the decision within the specified term, ADCEX reserves the right, but does not assume the responsibility, to make the payment on behalf of you with the amount in your exchange account or the deposit paid by you to ADCEX and its associated companies .

You shall make up the deposit and compensate ADCEX and its associated companies for all losses in a timely manner. Otherwise, ADCEX and its associated companies reserve the right to offset the losses with your other rights and interests under this contract and continue to claim compensation against you. You understand and expressly agree that ADCEX or the third party authorized by ADCEX or agreed with by you and ADCEX unanimously is a non-judicial organ, who can only identify the evidence as an ordinary person and whose mediation against the disputes is completely made based on your irrevocable authorization. They are incapable of ensuring the dispute resolution meets your expectation and shall not be liable for any responsibility for the dispute mediation decision. You agree to claim for compensation against the beneficiary for your losses by yourself.

5. You understand and agree that ADCEX shall not be liable for compensation for your damages, which include but are not limited to losses of profits, goodwill, usage and data or other nonphysical losses (whether ADCEX has been notified the possibility of compensation for damages) resulting from: ADCEX have reasonable reasons to  believe that a specific member and its specific transaction may violate laws or this agreement; and that users’ behaviors on ADCEX are considered illegal or improper by ADCEX; fees and losses are incurred by behaviors, such as purchasing or obtaining any data, information or carrying on transaction through the Service or substitutive behavior; your misunderstanding about the Service; all any other losses related to the Service caused not on account of ADCEX.

6. ADCEX shall in no way be held reliable for delay or inability to use of service resulting from normal equipment maintenanc and connection failure of information network, fault of computer, communication or other systems, power failure, strike, labor dispute, rebellion, revolt, riot, lack of productivity or production material, fire, flood, windstorm, explosion, war, government actions, orders of administrative and judicial organs or inaction of a third party.

VI. Agreement Termination

You agree that we have the right, at our full discretion, to suspend, terminate all or part of our service to you, freeze (cancel) the rights of your account for any reasons without prior notice to you. We shall not be held liable to you or any third party for such action, but have the right to continue to save transaction data, records and other information related to the account and apply and use such information. In the event of following conditions, we have the right to terminate this agreement by canceling the account directly and freezing (cancel) the authority of your account in ADCEX and take back corresponding account nickname.

 (1) Upon termination of the provision of service to you, you are suspected of registering ADCEX directly or indirectly or in the name of others again;  

 (2) Your email address doesn’t exist or can’t receive e-mail and there is no other way for us to contact with you or if we have notified you to change the e-mail address by other contact information but you fail you change to a valid email address within three working days upon notification;

       (3) Major contents of user information provided by you are false or incorrect or out of date or incomplete;

             (4)  In terms of changes of this agreement (inclusive of rules), you expressly state and notify ADCEX that you refuse to accept new user agreement.

(5) Other conditions that ADCEX considers services shall be terminated.

After your account service is terminated or your authority of the account are frozen (canceled), ADCEX has no obligation to retain or disclose any information of your account to you or forward any information that you haven’t read or sent to you or any third party.

You agree that ADCEX continues to have the following rights after the agreement between you and ADCEX is terminated: Save your user information and all transaction information incurred while using the Service. For your illegal behaviors or breaches of agreement and/or rules during use of the Service, ADCEX can assert rights against you according to this agreement.

After the Service are suspended or terminated, your transaction conducted before suspension or termination of the service shall be disposed according to following principles, and you shall be solely responsible for all disputes, losses or any additional fees caused thereof, and to fully indemnify ADCEX for any losses or fees: For your digital coupons/digital currency that has been uploaded by you to ADCEX and hasn’t been traded before suspension or termination of the service, ADCEX is entitled to delete relevant information of goods while suspending or terminating the service; if you have reached to a transaction contract with other members before the suspension of termination of the service but the contract hasn’t been performed actually, ADCEX is entitled to delete information related to the transaction contract and its digital coupons/currency for transaction. However, when the contract has been performed in part, ADCEX can’t delete this transaction but is entitled to notify relevant conditions to your transaction counterparty while suspending or terminating the service.

VII. Important Statements

Within the scope of law, ADCEX shall in no way be held liable for delay or inability to use of service resulting from normal equipment maintenanc and connection failure of information network, fault of computer, communication or other systems, power failure, strike, labor dispute, rebellion, revolt, riot, lack of productivity or production material, fire, flood, windstorm, explosion, war, government actions, orders of administrative and judicial organs, other force majeures or inaction of a third party and for losses of users caused as a result thereof.

VIII. Anti-money Laundering

1. In accordance with laws and regulations of the country and regions where ADCEX locates, ADCEX shall identify the user, keep the identify information and transaction record and report block and suspicious transaction.

2. Users are required to provide and upload the copy of ID card for registration, reporting the loss of transaction password or fund password for ADCEX to identify and compare the identify information. ADCEX is entitled to refuse users’ registration or cancel the registered account when ADCEX suspects that the user has provided false identify information based on reasonable reasons.

3. In reference to regulations on block and suspicious transaction of the country where ADCEX locates, ADCEX will save the records of block trade and alleged money-laundering transaction and submit them to the regulatory body as required.

4. ADCEX shall save users’ identify information and block and suspicious transaction records, assist and cooperate judicial department and administrative organs for law enforcement with fighting against money laundering activities in accordance with laws and assist judicial departments, customs office, tax department and other departments to inquire, freeze and deduct the deposit of users.  

5. According to the anti-money laundering policy of the country and regions where ADCEX locates and to protect clients’ funds, remitter’s name must be consistent with the authenticated real-name.

IX. Risk Warning

1. Digital coupons transaction involves a certain risk and users who participate in digital

coupons transaction shall carry out risk control by themselves, evaluate the investment value and risks of digital coupons and bear the economic risk of losing all investment on their own.

2. If the digital coupons transaction is suspended or prohibited due to formulation or modification of national laws, regulations and normative documents, users shall bear all economic losses incurred thereof by themselves.

X. Privacy Policy

Both parties must abide by the privacy policy, which will be revised by ADCEX from time to time and notified by announcement , and constitute an effective part of this agreement.

XI. Application, Jurisdiction of Laws and Others

1. Effectiveness, interpretation, change, execution and dispute resolution of this agreement shall be governed by laws of the country and region where ADCEX locates. If there is no relevant laws or regulations, general international business practice and (or) industry practice shall be referred to.

2. This agreement includes general specification that you shall comply with when using the Service. In addition to this, you also shall comply with special specification that are applicable. In case of any consistency between general specifications and special specifications, special specification shall prevail.

3. For any disputes resulting from this agreement, it is required to confirm the specific object of dispute according to the exchange where the service used by you belongs to. For example, disputes incurred for your use of the Service shall be resolved by operator of the exchange and you through communication. In case of disputes, both you and the operator of the exchange agree to take the court where the exchange locates as the court of the first instance.