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Privacy policy


Assets Digital Coupon Exchange (referred to as “ADCEX” for short hereinafter) emphasizes the privacy of user. Relevant information of yours can be collected and used by us when you use our service. Through this privacy policy, we hope to tell you that when you use our service, how we collect, use, store and enjoy that information, as well as the mode of visiting, renewing, controlling and protecting that information provided by us for you. This “privacy policy” is closely related to the service of ADCEX you use, and you are hoped to read it carefully, make appropriate selection for your self by the instruction in this “privacy policy” when you need. For relevant technical vocabulary involved in this “privacy policy”, we try to express them briefly and provide the link for further explanation, so as to facilitate understanding.

If you use or continue to use our service, you are meant to agree with our collecting, using, storing and sharing relevant information of yours according to this “privacy policy”.

. How should you visit and control your own individual information

By all possible and appropriate technical means, we will guarantee that you can visit, renew, and correct your own registration information or other individual information provided at the time of using our service. At the time of visiting, renewing, correcting and deleting the above-mentioned information, we might ask you to undergo identity verification, so as to protect the safety of account.


. The information enjoyed by you

By multiple services of ours, you can openly share your relevant information not only with your own social contact network, but also with all users that use that service, for example, such as the information uploaded or issued by you in our service (including the individual information publicized by you and the name list established by you), the response make by you to the information uploaded or issued by others and the position data and log information pertaining to that information. It is also possible for other users that user our service to share the information pertaining to you (including position data and log information). Especially, our social contact medium service is particularly for you to share information with worldwide users, and you can make the shared information transmitted extensively in a real-time manner. So long as you do not delete the shared information, relevant information would always be retained in the public domain; even if you delete the shared information, relevant information is still possible to be independently buffered, copied or stored by other user or non associated third party not under our control, or kept by other user of that kind of third party in public domain.

Therefore, please carefully take into consideration the content of information uploaded, issued and exchanged through our service. Under some circumstances, you can control the scope of users who have the right of browsing your shared information through the privacy setting in certain service of ours. If it is requested t delete relevant information of yours from our service, please operate by the means provided by that kind of special service article.

Some individual information might be deemed as sensible individual information because of its particularity, such as your race, religious faith, individual health and medical treatment information, etc. Compared with other individual information, sensible individual information is under stricter protection.

Note: through the content and information provided, uploaded or issued by you at the time of using our service (such as the information of photograph about your social contact activity, etc.), leakage of your sensible individual information is possible. At the time of using our service, you should consider with care to disclose relevant sensible individual information or not.

You agree to treat your sensible individual information according to the purpose and mode mentioned in this “Privacy policy”.

. The information possibly collected by us

When we provide service, it is possible to collect, store and use the following information pertaining to you. If you do not provide relevant information, it might be impossible to register for becoming our user, or you might not enjoy certain service provided by us, or the effect proposed to reach by relevant service could not be attained.

1. The information provided by you

(1) Relevant individual information provided to us when you register your account or use our service, such as telephone number, e-mail or number of bank card, etc.

(2) The shared information that is provided by you through our service to other party, and the information stored by you at the time of using our service.

2. Your information shared by other party  

The shared information pertaining to you that is provided by other party at the time of using our service

3. Your information obtained by us

We may collect the following information when you use service:

(1) Log information, which means the technical information that might be automatically acquired by the system through cookies, web beacon or other mode when you use our service, including:

1) Equipment or software information, such as your mobile equipment, webpage browser or the configuration information provided by other program used for cut-over into our service, your IP address, the version used by the mobile equipment and the identification code of equipment;

2) The information searched or browsed at the time of using our service, such as the webpage search word used by you, the url address of the social contact medium page visited by you, as well as other information and content detail browsed or required to be provided when you use our service;

3) The information pertaining to the mobile application (APP) and other software you ever used, and the information about you ever using that kind of mobile application and software;

4) The information of you performing communication through our service, such as the account for past communication, the time, data and duration of communication;

5) The information (meta data) contained in the content shared by you through our service, such as the date, time or place of the shared photograph or video that was shot or uploaded, etc.

(2) Position information, which means the information about your position that is collected when you open the equipment locating position an use relevant service provided by us on the basis of position, including:

1) Your information of geographical position collected by means of GPS or WiFi, etc., when you use our service through the mobile equipment with function of locating;

2) The real-time information including your geographical position provided by you or other user, such as the information about your region contained in the account information provided by you, the shared information displaying your present or past geographical position uploaded by you or other person, the geographical marker information contained in the photograph shared by other person;

3) By closing the locating position, you can stop the collection of your information of geographical position.


. How may we collect information

We or our third party cooperation partner may collect and use your information through cookies and web beacon, and store that kind of information as the log information.

By using our own cookies and web beacon, we are aimed at providing more individualized user experience and service for you, and it shall be used for the following purpose:

1. memorizing your identity. For example, cookies and web beacon are helpful for us to identity the identity of you as our registered user, or keep the information about your hobby or other aspect provided to us by you;

2. Analyzing the circumstance of you using our service. For example, we can utilize cookies and web beacon to understand the activity performed by you by using our service, or understand your favorite webpage or service;

3. Advertisement optimization. Instead of performing common spreading of advertisement, Cookies are web beacon are helpful for us to provided the advertisement pertaining to you according to your information.

While using cookies and web beacon for the above purpose, for the non individual identity information collected through cookies and web beacon, we may provide it to advertisement firm or other cooperation partner after statistical processing, so as to analyze how user our service, and use it in advertisement service.

There might be the cookies and web beacon placed by advertisement firm or other cooperator on our product and service. Those cookies and web beacon ay collect the non individual identity information pertaining to you, so as to analyze how user apply that kind of service, send the advertisement you might be interested in or evaluate the effect of advertisement service. For those cookies and web beacon of the third party to collect and use that kind of information, it is not restricted by this “Privacy policy”, instead, it is restricted by the privacy policy of relevant user, and we would not bear responsibility for the cookies or web beacon of the third party.

Your can set rejecting or managing cookies or web beacon through browser. But please know that if cookies or web beacon stops to be used, you might fail in enjoying the optimal service experience, and certain service might fail to be normally used. Meanwhile, you would receive advertisements of identical quantity, but the relevance of those advertisements to you would be lowered.


. How may we use information

The information possibly collected by us in the process of providing service to you shall be used for the following purpose:

1. Providing service to you;

2. Using for identity verification, client service, safeguard, fraud monitoring, placing on file and backup when we provide service, so as to ensure the safety of the product and service provided by us to you;

3. Helping us to design new service and improve our existing service;

4. Let us more understand how you cut-over into and use our service, so as to respond to your individualized demand with a clear aim, such as language setting, position setting, individualized help service and instruction, or making response in other aspect to you and other user;

5. Providing you with the advertisement that is more closely related to you, so as to substitute the advertisement that is commonly spread;

6. Evaluating the effect of the advertisement in our service as well as other sales promotion and popularizing activities, and improve it;

7. Accreditation of software or upgrading of managerial software;

8. Let you participating in the investigation pertaining to our product and service.

In order that you have better experience, to improve our service or other use agreed by you, on the prerequisite of conforming to relevant laws and regulations, for the information collected through a certain item of service, we may use it in other service of ours by means of assembling information or individualizing. For example, for the information collected when you use an item of our service, it may be used for providing specific content to you in another service, or displaying the information that is related to you and not commonly pushed for you. If we provide corresponding option in relevant service, you can also authorize us to use the information provided and stored by that service in other service of ours.


. The information that may be shared by us

Except the following circumstance, without agreeing by you, we and our related company would not share your individual information with any third party:

1. We and our related company may share your individual information with our related company, cooperation partner and the third service supplier, contractor and agent (such as the communication service provider that issues e-mail or pushes notification on behalf of us, the map service provider that provides position data for us)(they may not be located in the region where you are situated), so as to use for the following purpose:

(1) Providing our service to you;

(2) Realizing the purpose mentioned in “How may we use information”;

(3) Fulfilling our obligation in “Service agreement of ADCEX” or this “privacy policy” and exercise our rights;

(4) Understanding, maintaining and improving our service.

If we or our related company share your individual information with any above-mentioned third party, we will try to ensure: when that kind of third party uses your individual information, it shall observe this “privacy policy” and other appropriate confidential and safety measures required by us to be observed by them.

2. With sustained development of our business, it is possible for us and our related company to perform merger, purchase, assignment or similar transaction, and your individual information is very possible to be transferred as one portion of this kind of transaction. We will notify you before transference.

3. It is also possible for us or our related company to retain, keep or disclose your individual information for the following need:

(1) Observing the applicable laws and regulations;

(2) Observing the order of court or the stipulation of other legal procedure;

(3) Observing the requirements of relevant governmental organization;

(4) The use reasonably necessary for observing applicable laws and regulations, maintaining social public interest or protecting the personal and property safety or legitimate rights and interests of our client, us or our group company, other user or employee.


. The e-mail and information possibly sent to you by us

1. E-mail and information pushing

When you use our service, we may use your information to send e-mail and news or push notification to your equipment. If you do not hope to receive those information, you can select to cancel subscription on the equipment according to our relevant cue.

2. The announcement pertaining to service

We may send the announcement pertaining to service to you when necessary (such as when suspending a certain item of service because of system maintenance). You may fail in canceling those announcement that are related to service, and their character is not popularization.


. Information safety

Only for the aim and in the period mentioned by us in this “Privacy policy” as well as the time limit required by law and regulation, we shall retain your individual information.

We use various safety technique and programs, so as to prevent the loss, inappropriate use and unauthorized reading or disclosure. For example, we will utilize encryption technique (such as SSL) in certain service, so as to protect the individual information provided by you. But please understand that because of the limitation of technique and various malicious means that might exist, even if safety measures are utilized to the utmost in the Internet industry, absolute safety of information could not always be guaranteed. You need to understand: for the system and communication network used by you for cut-over into our service, problem might emerge because of some factors beyond our control scope.


. Advertisement service

We may use relevant information of yours, so as to provide you with advertisement that is more closely related to you. We may also use your information, send marketing information to you through our service, e-mail or other means, provide or popularize the following commodity and service of us or the third party:

1. The commodity or service of us, the commodity or service of our related company and cooperation partnership, including instant communication service, on-line medium service, interactive amusement service, social contact network service, payment service, Internet search service, position and map service, application software and service, data management software and service, on-line advertisement service and Internet banking as well as other social contact media, amusement, e-commerce, information and communication software or service (generally referred to as “Internet service”);

2. The third party Internet service supplier and the third party commodity or service pertaining to the following: food and diet, physical culture, music, film, television and site performance as well as other art and amusement, book, magazine and other periodical, garment and ornament, jewellery, cosmetics, personal health and sanitation, electronic, collection, household utensils, electrical appliance, household decoration and handicraft, pet, car, hotel, traffic and tourism, bank, insurance and other banking service, membership total-score and award plan as well as other commodity or service deemed by us to be possibly related to you.

If you do not hope to use your individual information in the above-mentioned advertisement purpose, through relevant cue provided by us in advertisement or the guidance provided by us in specific service, you can ask us to stop using your individual information for the above-mentioned purpose.


. The applicable scope of privacy policy

Except certain specific service, this “Privacy policy” is applicable to all services of us. Specific privacy policy shall be applicable to those specific services. In the specific privacy policy aimed at certain specific service, how we use your information in that kind of service will be more concretely explained. That privacy policy for specific service shall compose one portion of this “Privacy policy”. In case of any discrepancy in the privacy policy for relevant specific service and this “Privacy policy”, that privacy policy for specific service shall be applicable.

Except separately stipulated in this “Privacy policy”, all wording used in this “Privacy policy” will have identical implication with the wording defined in “Service agreement of ADCEX”.

Please know that this “Privacy policy” is not applicable to the following circumstances:

1. The information collected by the third party service (including any third party network station) that is cut-over through our service;

2. The information collected through other company or organization that performs advertisement service in our service.


. The application exception of privacy policy

Our service may include or be linked to the social contact media or other service provided by the third party. For example:

1. You utilize the “sharing” key to share certain content into our service, or you utilize log on our service through third party connection service. Those functions may collect relevant information of yours (including your log information), and may set cookies in your computer, so as to normally operate the above-mentioned functions;

2. We provide link for you through advertisement or our other service mod, so that you can be cut-over into the service or network station of the third party.

That kind of third party social contact medium or other service may be provided by relevant third party or operated by us. If you use that kind of social contact medium service of the third party or other service (including any individual information provided by you to that kind of third party), you should be restricted by the service articles and privacy policy of that third party (instead of “Universal service article” or this “Privacy policy”), and you need to carefully read this article. This “Privacy policy” should only be applicable to the information collected by us, it is not applicable to the service provided by any third party or the information using rules of the third party, and we should not bear any responsibility for any third party using the information provided by you.


. Change

We may revise the article of this “Privacy policy” at an appropriate time, and that kind of revision shall compose one portion of this “Privacy policy”. If that kind of revision causes essential decrease of your right under this “Privacy policy”, by means of cue at eye-striking position on the homepage or sending e-mail of other mode, we will notify you before the revision becomes effective. Under that kind of circumstance, if you continue using our service, that means you agree with being restricted by this “Privacy policy” through revising.