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ADCEX Introduction

Assets Digital Coupons Exchange(hereinafter called ADCEX), is the exchange platform for all currencies and all assets that first realizes interconnection and interworking of multiple blockchain technologies globally. The ADCEX team has years’ experience of financial risk control. The core members are from Silicon Valley, Stanford University, Harvard University, Goldman Sachs, Google, Oracle and other Internet and financial enterprises in the world. ADCEX won the Financial Awards and other multiple international awards. It is the connection of digital economy and traditional economy. ADCEX gathers digital coupons and the global mainstream digital assets, and is the secure and reliable exchange platform for digital economy fans.


I. ADCEX’s aim: to serve all digital economy fans and provide a secure and reliable platform for the transference of digital coupons, and to boost the popularization and development of digital economy globally.

II. ADCEX’s functions:

1. To achieve the free exchange of all kinds of digital coupons and assist the users in exchanging all kinds of digital coupons;

2. To review the digital coupons to be launched of enterprises and assist enterprises in launching and exchanging digital coupons;

3. To censor the trade compliance and guarantee the legitimate interest of digital economy fans and enterprises;

4. To realize the exchange between digital coupons and digital assets in line with the policies;

III. Censorship of Coupons to be launched:

All the digital coupons launched with ADCEX have been assessed and censored strictly. ADCEX manages the risk control stringently in respects of legitimate compliance, commercial modes, liquidity evaluation and mortgages to provide all fans with exchange service that is more secure, more stable and more convenient.

IV. Security measures:

ADCEX adopts independent server, which responds rapidly and has a stable bandwidth. It has a firewall of hardware and software encryptions, and offsite data backup as well. The security protection measures of financial standards will ensure the safety of your network and data.