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On-line Announcement

An unexpected encounter to be regretted that we could not meet earlier!

Meet you on the digital coupon trading platform, expecting to work together for win-win outcome with profound accumulation!


Throughout the world, the development of science and technology finance is inexorable, and the intelligent technology has solved the efficiency problem of traditional finance. With the roaring financial tide, clouded Internet virtual finance, the changeable situation and chaos around the world, a mixture of the good and the bad emerges in the field of investment. In such a grim situation, how to choose a rational digital financial model is extremely important!


Digital coupon trading platform is the artery of global digital economy process. Network information technology Industry, as the important content of economic activities, is the main content of digital economy. It is gradually changing or replacing all obsolete economic behaviors, which is a mark of development and progress of human history, an inevitable outcome of the new times, an global historic opportunity, an important measure for all countries to seek sustainable development, and also the secret weapon to lead global economic recovery and change the state of the world. Over the past few decades, the leading role of digital economy  has been enhanced in economic development for its rapid development. Digital economy not only renovates the old productive forces, but also develops the new productive forces. It is estimated that in the first half of the 21st century, the digital economy will still play a leading role and is becoming the core force for a new round of global industry reform, especially the core driving force for the rapid economic rise of developing countries and less developed regions.


Digital economy has been a core force that leads the revolution in science, technology and industry. Human society is entering a new stage marked by digital productivity. Digital economy is not only in productivity to promote the digitization of working tool, servitization of labor object, popularization of labor opportunity, but also in production relations to promote resources sharing, organization platformization, etc. Digital economy will become a new historical stage of human history development after the agricultural, industrial and information economy. It will lead to the transformation of human social development mode, reconstruction of production relations, restructuring of economic structure and the dramatic changes in lifestyles.


Digital economy is a great opportunity for all countries in the world to enhance win-win cooperation. With the profound adjustment of world economy structure, many countries are looking for new economic growth points for expectation to maintain their competitive edge in the future and improve resource utilization efficiency and labor productivity more effectively. On a world scale, a new path of leaping development is taking shape gradually, the new industries and economic patterns are being nurtured, the leading of digital economy in global economic growth is constantly emerging. The development of the digital economy has already reached a broad consensus in the international community and provided major opportunities for deepening the pragmatic cooperation among all countries and building a new type of international relationship based on win-win cooperation.


Digital economy is an important support for adapting, seizing and leading the new normal of economic development. The development of the digital economy takes data as the key production factor and will effectively drive the network-based sharing, intensive integration, collaborative development and efficient utilization of labor force, capital, land technology, management, etc. At the same time, will promote acceleration of the new generation of information technology for profound integration with all fields of economic society, which breeds new technology, industry, business format, mode and becomes the new impetus for the reform in the mode of production. Development of digital economy will further reduce barriers to information flow, enhance economic operation efficiency and total factor productivity, improve supply and demand matching efficiency, and effectively boost supply side structural reforms.


Digital technology has become the core technology driving the fourth industrial revolution, the digital era starts. Digital technology makes the access, use, control and sharing of information more efficient and open and the profound changes take place in human lifestyle and production mode, and promotes the rapid transformation and upgrading of traditional industries,so the new business modes and formats emerge. Digital era will reshape the global economic structure and competitive pattern to transform the arena of industry and economy competition. Whether a country can become the leader in the new round of the industrial revolution, the joint efforts of all levels at the state and enterprises are of the utmost importance.


The social benefits of digitalization in the industry can far outweigh the created value of the industry. By 2025, the digital transformation of various industries is expected to bring social and business potential value of about $100 trillion. Among them, the digital transformation of the four industries of automobiles, consumer goods, electricity and logistics alone will bring the potential accumulative value of more than $20 trillion to the society and industry. Digitization has become the main driving force for economic development. The development of digital economy is a recipe for rejuvenating the world economy and leaves the mark on world economic development. Information technology is promising and the real great products of digital economy have emerged. The new digital economy mode advocated by ADCEX digital coupon trading platform, which meets the needs of the times, should be the new hope of human information technology advancing with the times.


ADCEX Digital Coupons Exchange boosts the global economic development. The promotion of assets digitization system will be an important exploration that will help countries solve the problems in the process of international trades and investments. Affected by foreign exchange reserves, exchange rates, tariffs and trade agreements, developing countries are facing the threats of clogged free trades, slow economic development, etc. The asset-based process and digital coupon informative transactions will promote sustainable human development and international harmony with a new type of turbine-driven mode. The credible, secure, decentralized global financial system based on materialism is bound to be established. Upholding the purposes of integrity, pragmatism, science, the blockchain • series of technologies will be applied in assets digitization, digit  informatization, information commercialization, to solve the survival problems of  trade barriers, new economic crisis, capital idling, and real economy. The interconnected global digital coupon trading platform constructed by blockchain technology will become a platform to share economy, maximize the utilization of asset values, realize sustainable development, so the international community will have the right to participate directly in global trades and digital informatization to enjoy the benefits brought by economic globalization. ADCEX Digital Coupon Exchange will become the authoritative platform for global asset operation and management. Its standards and established new economic order will provide a comprehensive service for the real economy. With the establishment of an open, fair and impartial global digital coupon trading system as the impetus, the accelerating global digital economy enhances global national competitiveness, establishes a good digital coupon trading environment for enterprise digital economy and individual investment, promotes the sustainable development of global economy.


It needs to establish a new digital financial environment by setting up a mathematical coupons trading platform. It should establish a standardized operation and management system, unified digital coupons trading rules, the completed asset digitization process, the secure digital flow mode and the integrated digital coupons trading technology to achieve the global assets barrier-free exchange, trade without borders and truly realize global resources sharing, wealth-sharing and economy sharing.


Time will show that your expectations are what ADCEX platform is trying to achieve!


The global economy has been fully transformed from the original information age to the digital age. Especially under the current normal economic conditions, the distribution of digital assets coupons can reduce the high costs of distributing and circulating traditional securities, enhance the convenience and transparency of asset digitization activities, reduce the crime of money laundering, tax evasion and other crimes, enhance the central bank’s control over the money supply and currency circulation, better support economic and social development and promote the all-round realization of inclusive finance. In the future, the establishment of a distribution and circulation system of assets and digital currencies will also help countries build entirely new financial infrastructures, further improve international cross-border payment system, enhance the efficiency of cross-border payment and promote efficiency and upgrade of the global economic constitution. As a means of a digital medium,  a unit of account and storing value to promote the economic growth,  digital coupons will promote the interconnection of all things, promote the Internet+ strategy and solve the problem of insufficient liquidity of enterprises. With the acceleration of digital trade in various countries and the proliferation of various virtual tokens, there is an urgent need for a normalized, standardized, international digital consensus platform,  especially the global digital coupons trading platform with standard supervision, professional guidance and safe control.


With the rapid maturation of digital applications and the perfection of technology, ADCEX digital coupons trading platform will be a leading platform for global coupons management. It will provide worldwide regulatory services for the circulation of digital assets. It is inestimable to establish a scientific and normative mechanism for the trade, development and upgrading of the global economy and the global investment, which is of great significance to the sustained, rapid, coordinated and healthy development of the world economy.



Digital Coupons Exchange will change the traditional way of settlement, and it will make the global digitization process efficient and quick, minimize the flow of digital information, increase the speed of global asset circulation and truly realize global free trade. It can also provide advisory services for developing countries to make an effective payment system, bring qualitative change to the developing countries’ economy, and provide support and help for the less developed countries, especially those in Africa, to develop economic, improve lives, enjoy a good and prosperous life and develop resources.


Establishing a digital coupons trading platform is the construction of wealth pipeline. It provides a safe, professional and truth-worthy channel of digital coupons trade, payment and finance  for all countries, enterprises and individuals around the world who are willing to participate in the digital economy. To realize the sharing of resources and sharing economy, it brings together human resources, financial information and capital in all countries, regions and fields in the world. With the assets circulation channels and upgrade technology advantage, it fully integrates resources and gains scale benefits. Digital banking and asset digital chain enable all countries, global enterprises and global digital financial investors involved in the digital finance process to share resources and establish and strengthen partnerships and connection.


Establish a digital coupons trading platform to digitize global trade and promote sustainable development. It should integrate, standardize and unify the information flow, the capital flow and logistics effectively, and give a road of sunshine that can be authoritatively supervised and secure digital coupons transfer for the virtual economy, which has been in a motley, disorderly and even deceptive hotbed. It should establish the management and operation mode for the benefits of the state, enterprises and investors. From the perspective of security governance in financial field, the establishment of the ADCEX Digital coupons exchange, to some extent , can even save the helpless entity enterprises, save the investors in dire straits, lead the entrepreneurs who do not know where they want to go in the future and grow together.


We are looking forward to gain multi-party support and wish to work together through storm and stress for development. Thank you for your care and support and we are devoted to protecting you from risks and developing with you!


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October 20, 2017