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New-year Greetings from ADCEX


Dear ADCEX users, digital economy fans, and supporters,

Happy new year.

Today is the first day of 2018. In this new year, numerous industries are showing momentum and all things are taking on new aspects. All staff of ADCEX and I would like to express our sincere gratitude for every user and friend who shows concerns and support for us. We wish you a happy new year and good luck!

The year of 2017 was a busy but fulfilling year. It was a significant year. After strict demonstrations and intense preparation, ADCEX was officially launched on October 20. It connected service to the mainstream digital assets and digital currency, established the transaction function and carried out the trial operation.

ADCEX is the important strategic prop that boosts the development of digital economy. The establishment of ADCEX to the whole digital assets trading market resembles a ripple to the ocean, which is of minor influence, but ADCEX will definitely become the leader of the age to facilitate the popularization and application of digital economy, and will bring its influence to the whole world.

In 2018, ADCEX will keep optimizing users experience, improve information security levels, increase the number of digital assets categories, establish exclusive columns for the mainstream digital currency, provide convenience for users to transact directly through currency exchange, and provide the most convenient, fastest, and safest deposit and withdrawing means in the financial market. We will perfect the community construction, increase interaction with users and fans, increase bonus, etc. We will constantly strive for the attention of the market and customers’ satisfaction for ADCEX through comprehensive measures.

ADCEX’s strategies are formulated on a global basis. It constantly strives for the development of digital economy. Starting from the transaction of digital assets, ADCEX popularizes the concept of digital economy to all people, and meanwhile it provides the platform of free circulation of digital assets for fans of digital economy;  then, ADCEX aggregates the wisdom of the fans of digital economy and provides full support for the implementation and promotion of digital applications for all various industries, enterprises, and government organizations. It gradually promotes the digital economy mode, boosts the formation of the basic frame of digital economy and supports the rapid development of digital economy.

We have overcome difficulties and challenges and now we are facing new ones. The year of 2017 is gone with all efforts and achievements left in the past; 2018 is here with unfolding new business and blueprints. ADCEX will keep its mission in mind, exert all its efforts, snatch genuine priorities and endeavor in pragmatic way to live up to your expectations.

Finally, we wish you all successful careers, health, and substantial wealth!


Yours sincerely,

Chairman of the ADCEX board of directors